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Humming lyrics as a child or singing solos in a choir, her love of music is clear with this album. With such credits as Berklee College of Music in Boston to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle WA, this gal can, not only sing, but her lyrics are poignant and appealing.

With her band consisting of Cody Rahn (War Pigeon/Cuchata) and Ken Jacobson (Seahorse/Furtive Movement) she stands as an accomplished singer and songwriter whose energy is clear. Undertone reveals honest lyrics and a confident voice for one so young.

The first track “Moving On” is 51 seconds of one wondering if they had died and gone to heaven. Track three “Burn” is a great ballad showcasing the vocals, with poignant lyrics. “More Than Stones” is a great story about showing oneself to another. My favorite has to be “Sweet,” been there, done that!!

She has performed with seasoned artist like the Paul Hanover Band, Kelly Harland and Kenny White. I have a feeling this is gonna be sweet.

- Viki Ackland (, June 3rd, 2007

Twelve (out of twelve) compelling songs by a burgeoning talent from our great Northwest. Angela Reed’s takes on love and survival all flourish as a result of her facility for writing potent and engaging melodies, elegantly orchestrated (we love those strings) and passionately rendered. Reed’s voice is intimate, strong, dramatic, at times, nearly operatic adding heft and substance to her canorous tunes. She employs a variety of moods and styles and carries each off with aplomb. Production and performances are first-rate. The players include… Kenny White, who just might appear as the character “You” in, at least, some of Ms. Reed’s penetration and revealing lyrics….

- Larry White (Adult, 2007

Angela Reed’s second album “Undertone” reveals honest lyrics and a confident voice. Her dynamic ranges from smoky, shadowy verses to powerful, hook-rich choruses. Solidly produced, it yields a handful of dashboard-drumming singles like “Down The Road,” “Depths Of Me,” “Sweet,” and the title track. “More Than Stones” leaves you closing your eyes and listening to the words. This album reprises “Hero,” the runaway favorite from her first record. A measure of this album’s accomplishment is that this song is almost out of place here, surpassed by the rest of the work. “Undertone” reaches out like the comfortable touch of an old friend, soothing and exciting.

- Damon Buxton (Radio Amadeo), July 2006

Angela’s unique tonality and natural style are delightful and refreshing. With effortless intrepidity she delivers the material with sensibility and grace. “Skies Over Carolinas,” “Undertone” and “Sweet” are radio amicable with high commercial potential. Also noteworthy was the considerable effort made and realized on this disc to ensure diversity and contrast on each track. Angela’s considerable talents as a songwriter, producer and performer, combined with her artless charm, make her the complete package.

- Reviewer (IMG Music Promotions Inc), September 5th, 2006



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